Monday, August 08, 2011

A Tribute for my Father

The father of a righteous man has great joy; 

he who has a wise son delights in him.
(Proverbs 23:24, NIV)

It’s been 13 years since my biological father passed away. I still remember the day that my Mom told me about his death. I woke up to the cries of my Mom. Then she hugged me and told me that our Dad passed away. I don’t know if I’m just having a nightmare during that time. I’m terrified.  Thoughts rushing inside my head. What will happen to me now? What will happen to my siblings? What about my studies and all?

My Mom told me to go to the funeral with my Aunt and we did. When we get there, my Aunts (father side) welcomed me and talked to me for a little while then they introduced me to my other half siblings. My Kuyas assisted me to the coffin. Right there and then I saw our Dad lying and not breathing anymore. I did not cry when I saw him. I don’t want to. But deep inside of me is crying out loud. Then my Ate talked to me about my studies and other matters.

Maybe you are asking what kind of father my Dad is. Well, my Dad is a typical father. He loves to surprise his children by buying us presents or anything else, He wants to play with us and of course, He is a disciplinary dad. I was hit by him once. LOL! My Dad is also adventurous. He loves to hike, fishing, biking, etc. Though we are 5th family, He is always here for us when we need Him.

My Dad is a firefighter by professional but He stopped his profession when they put up a business which is a funeral homes. Hehe! I remember when we are visiting Him in their office; I can’t even look at the displayed coffins because I’m scared. Then He grabbed my hand and open one and He told me, “Is there someone lying there? Why are you afraid? There is nothing to be afraid of. And if there is someone in there, they can’t harm you anymore.” Indeed. They can’t harm me because they are already dead.

I’ve learned a lot from my father especially in handling finances. He is careful in spending his money. He has a notebook and He write there where He spent the money. But I don’t do that. I’m just careful.

Let’s pray.

Dear Daddy God,

Thank you for my biological father though He is not here anymore, I know He is watching over us. Dad, thank you for the people you used for me to be able to finish my studies. Continue to bless them, Dad. I love you! In Jesus’ name. Amen!


For God’s gifts and his call are irrevocable. – Romans 11:29, NIV

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