Friday, July 15, 2011

Today is the day!

♫♪Today is the day you have made, I will rejoice and be glad in it.
And I don’t worry about tomorrow; I’m trusting in what you say.
Today is the day!♫♪

These are the words that came out of my mouth when I woke up. (Actually, I am singing the song but hearing it from me, you will say, “ahh.. She’s declaring..” hahaha!). Today is the day of my final interview with our Regional Director, Blesila Lantayona. Due to my nervousness, I asked my aunt, cousin (anjo) and even my niece to bless me and to declare favor before I left.

We are 14 aspiring applicants for different items/positions. 7 out of 14 applicants are aiming for the Administrative Officer I, 2 for Planning Officer and Accountant, 1 for Senior Trade and Industry Development Specialist, Trade and Industry Development Specialist and Cashier I. As for me, I am aiming for the Cashier I position. Thank God I don’t have a contender for the item I am applying for but that does not mean that I won’t do my very best to prove myself that I deserve the position.

Our Regional Director has a different style in interviewing us. She told that a one-on-one interview is only showing our best foot forward. But she wants to see our characters and how we are able to handle and manage the given situation or scenario. The first part of the “interview” is a DTI Café. There are 3 DTI Cafes. First is the “Your understanding to DTI”, second, “Your feedback to DTI Region 3” and third, “Characteristic of a DTI (all government agencies) Associate”. She groups us into 3 and she gave us 30 minutes in every café to discuss the issues. When I saw the given issues I said to God, “Dad, thank you for your favor”. Yes, I am favored because I’ve been with DTI for 2 years and I have idea to the given subjects. After visiting and discussing every issue to the 3 cafés, the Café Managers rank us according to our participation. The managers ranked me number 5, not bad huh. The second part of the interview is to introduce yourself to your group and vote one person who deserves the said item. I am so blessed that they choose me despite of my lack of experience to the item I am applying for! That’s grace!

After the interview, I remember one quotable quote of Ptr. Ru Dela Torre of His Life City Church that Love God, Make Disciples and Impact our World. It says, “When you know you’ve done what you could do. It’s time to let God do what He can do”. Powerful, huh?

Let’s Pray.

Dear Daddy God,

Thank you for your grace! Thank you for your favor that causing this agency to hire me. Thank you for the people you use to encourage me and even intercede for me. Dad, I’ve done my part. It’s now your turn to do what you can do for this application. I believe that all good things work together to those who love you. I love you, Dad! In Jesus’ name. Amen!


For God’s gifts and his call are irrevocable. – Romans 11:29, NIV

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