Monday, July 18, 2011

Time for T!

Trust in the LORD with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding. 
(Proverbs 3:5, NIV)

While reading the scripture above, the bridge of the song of the Planetshakers, God is Able, kept playing on my mind. 

I trust in You with all I am
Cause I know You have the master plan
So I'll throw my life into Your hands
For Your glory for Your glory ♫♪

Trust is a powerful word. It can ruin friendship, relationship and worst, one’s life. So, we must be careful on to whom who will give our trust and we must be thankful to someone who trust us.

Our Almighty Father, trust us by giving us another day to experience his unfailing love once more. Even though we failed Him in our everyday life by doing what we think its best, he still forgives.

As usual, I didn’t eat lunch today. I was hoping that Kuya Alan won’t notice that I’m skipping lunch again. I know He will ask the same question, “Ot eka mengan?/Bakit hindi ka kumain?” and I know I will answer him the same answer, “megheavy breakfast ko nandin, kuya. / Kumain ako ng kanin kaninang breakfast.” LOL.

While they are having their lunch, I went to the library with my It’s Your Time Book (by Joel Osteen). Before I start reading the book, I say a quick prayer to God. I asked Him some questions and I know He can use the book in giving me an answer. FYI, God can use people, books and scriptures in answering us.

When I open my book, my bookmark (from Ron) is on Chapter 15, Your Sunday is Coming meaning my Resurrection is Coming. While reading the book, I learned many things like “God will complete what He started”, “What looks like the end is only the beginning”, “God knows when the time is right”, “God will complete your in-completion”, “You miss God’s best when you give up on your promises too soon”, etc. But there is a message that caught my attention. It says, “Zerubbabel, God sent me all this way to give you two words: Start Again”. I stopped and asked Dad, is this my word? The word Start Again repeated 5x on that page as if telling me, “yes, this is my word for you”.

I know in His time, everything will be fine. Every struggle, adversities, circumstances I’m facing right now will be finished. I only have to trust Him.

Let’s pray.

Dear Daddy God,

Thank you for trusting me, for your confidence in me. I know that sometimes I lack trust in you but you never failed me. You only proved that you are able to do greater and mighty things in my life. Father, forgive me that most of the time I do the things what I think its best in my own way. I love you, Dad. In Jesus’ name. Amen.


For God’s gifts and his call are irrevocable. – Romans 11:29, NIV

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