Friday, September 16, 2011

Christian walk...

Whew! This is a hectic week for me. We’ve done so many things in our office these past few days. Let me share them to you.

First, we prepared for our Internal Quality Audit which happened today. Because my bosses are competitive and they are eager to win the first place, they assigned me to check all the documents that the auditors need to validate. I checked all the Post Activity Reports of our trainings and seminars that happened from June to August. I even make kulit to our provincial counterpart to give me their scanned signatures for the PAR of the Basics of Exporting which occurred last August 9 and 10 and the Customer Satisfactory Feedback Forms.

Second, Tadigs and I are preparing the inventory of products and documents that Boss Rhine need to bring to the upcoming 26th Philippine – America Trade Fair in Los Angeles, California on September 22. Most of the SMEs lack documents like the Product Profile Form.

Third, Ate Grace and I are also preparing for the Likha ng Central Luzon 2011 Trade Fair. We asked for quotations to our suppliers and other national advertising agencies like Daily Inquirer and Philippine Star. Aside from that, we sent invitation letters to other government agencies and guests. I was also assigned to write a letter to Engr. Nepomuceno for the venue of our upcoming seminar on September 29 and 30. And our provincial counterpart asked me about the credit card we are going to use in hosting of the web domain of the said Trade Fair. To view the site, click this link,

Last, my boss (Ma’am Ning) gave me a new assignment that is to do a research for the list of suppliers of fish roe/roe fish in Central Luzon and National Capital Region. She told me to call the Bureau of Domestic Trade but after talking to Ms. Bunoan, she referred me to Bureau of Aquatic Fish and Resources (BFAR). When I called BFAR, they referred me again to Bureau of Agricultural Statistic (BAS). Then I called and talked to Ms. Nel Adriano about my query but I have a feeling that we have a misunderstanding about my inquiry. When she emailed me what I told her, voila! We do have a misunderstanding. Hahaha! She sent me the statistics of the fishes not a list of hatcheries or suppliers of fish. Then I called BFAR again. I told them that I need a list of hatcheries or suppliers not statistics of fishes in our country. Praise God, they gave me a list and I pray that list will help me in my assignment.

Before I left our office awhile ago, Tadigs told me that we need to finish the inventory of products and documents on Monday because we have to put them in a Balikbayan Box. I told her that we are going to finish everything on Monday and I know we will because we have to. LOL!

Praise God that even though this is a tiring week, I still have time to our Abba Father. I attended Prayer Works and Life Group last Wednesday. And of course, I also had the chance to talk to D about God’s goodness and faithfulness in our lives. Then we asked one another, “If we are going to measure our Christian walk using a ruler where are we now?” Funny that we have the same answer and that is, “wala pa sa kalahati ng 1 millimeter or hindi pa kami pasok sa ruler.” But I know God will sustain us by his grace.

Let’s pray.

Dear Daddy God,

Thank you so much for my work in DTI. Thank you Father for using this agency to provide and to meet my needs. I also thank you for the people (my boss and co-associates) around me for imparting their knowledge and professionalism to me. Father God, as I walk in my Christian life, sustains and led me by your grace. May your Holy Spirit will guide and lead me along the best pathway toward your righteousness. I love you, Dad. In Jesus’ mighty name. Amen!


For God’s gifts and his call are irrevocable. – Romans 11:29, NIV

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