Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Canteen Ministry Christmas Party

Last Monday, Mommy Au organized a Christmas Party for the Canteen Ministry people. Some of us did not attend the party because of their engagement to their family and to their other ministry. Even though we are incomplete, we still enjoy the gathering and fellowship that evening.

The Wild Fires, Windy, Jenikko, Stacy, Hannah, Kristelle, Deva and Marie Bee, enjoyed the pool while us, the Catalyst (Beth, Marie, Gel and I), enjoyed the Karaoke! (I sang Saving Grace. LOL!) Aside from the pool and the karaoke, we also enjoyed our food! Mommy Au is a great cook! You should taste it! Beth gives thanks and blesses the food before everything else.

From L-R: Deva, Marie Bee, Stacy, Windy, Jen, Kristelle and Hannah

Me, singing "Saving Grace"

From L-R: Windy, I, Hannah, Beth and Gel

After dinner, the wild fires went upstairs to bath because we will be having our games. A party without games is boring, right? Beth and Marie prepared two kinds of games  and prepared two teams. The First Team consist of Jenikko, Hannah, Stacy and I. The Second team were Windy, Marie Bee, Kristelle and Deva. Then I lead the prayer before we start. 

The first is, “Pass the Message”. In this game, the game master will ask a question like this, “What is the 3rd word in the book of Genesis 1:1?” Then we will search our bibles to find the word that the game master is asking to us. (Note: Teams should have the same version to get the same answer). The person who searched for the word will pass it to the next up to the last person in the team. Then the last person will run to the game master and whisper the answer. Why whisper? So that the other team will not hear the answer of your team. Hehehe! The answer to the question of the game master is “beginning”.

In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth.
(Genesis 1:1, NLT)

Maybe you are wandering who won the “Pass The Message” game. Our team won! Wiii! The consequence is we will put ketchup to our opponents face.

The second is “Pinoy Henyo”. This game is well-known in our country because one of the TV Shows here played this. Below is the mechanic of this game.
Groups are composed of 2 members: the one who will guess the word/phrase and the other is the one who will respond to the guesser.
The group will pick a paper that correspond a word/phrase/name
There will be 2 minutes only to answer the guess words/phrase/name
The one who will respond will only answer YES, NO and MAYBE. Until the guesser guess the right words/phrase/name.

Our Team loses this time. Fair enough, right? Both teams experienced the consequence. 

Discussing the mechanics of the game, "Pass the Message"

With Deva after putting the ketchup on her cheek

With Stacy after Pinoy Henyo, we lose the second game.
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Let’s pray.

Dear Daddy God,

Father, we thank you for the lives of every member of the Canteen Ministry especially Mommy Au. Continue to bless our ministry and the works of our hands. Father, we also pray that we may glorify and honor you in everything we do in this ministry. We love you, we honor you, we respect you, we bless you. In Jesus’ name. Amen!


For God’s gifts and his call are irrevocable. – Romans 11:29, NIV

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