Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Much Awaited Day!

My 100th post! Wiiiii! Aside from that, this post is all about what happened to me today, November 15, 2011, Tuesday. Remember my schedule/plan that I posted yesterday? Well, here is the actual presentation. Hehehe!

5:00AM – 7:00AM – Prayer Works + Appointment with Pastor Jerry

I woke up at 3:30AM today to attend the prayer works with the Wildfire (youth ministry of our church). I’m supposed to be with Ate Erika but she didn’t stand up because she slept late last night.

When I arrived at the church, Pastor Jerry recognized me and told me, “I will bless you with a prayer later”. (That’s my appointment with him. He will bless me with a prayer! Excited!) Then I nod to him. Pastor Jerry, Kuya Francis, other wildfires and I went to the Kidz Life Tent for the prayer works. To our surprise, the exhorter did not appear. So, Pastor Jerry asked us about the works of our Almighty Father in our lives. Ruben, shared to us what happened last Youth Gig (I also witnessed it). He told us about the anointing and the work of the Holy Spirit last Saturday. The youth did not expect it but they receive their deliverance from their obsession such as lying, cheating, lust, etc.

Ruben led the prayer and we are told to pray in the spirit which we did. During our prayer, the Holy Spirit did something great to me. Pastor Jerry told me that our God has heard my petitions and “delight yourself in the Lord and He will give you the desires of your heart” (Psalm 37:4).I believe that He already gave the desires of my heart.

Pastor Jerry prophesied to me that God will give me the Spirit of Esther. Maybe you are asking, “Who is Esther?” Well, I encourage you to read the Book of Esther in the Old Testament or click the links below to have an idea about her. Aside from that, He also told me that I’m an intercessor and a woman of wisdom and encouragement. Wow! (In Jesus’name, I received!)

After the prophecy thingy, we still stay to hear more from him like his secrets, his fellowship, his ministry and how to be sensitive with the Holy Spirit. Then all of a sudden He stands up and told us, “Hindi pa ba kayo uuwi? / Aren’t you going home already?” The youth and I decided to leave but they prayed for me again before we left.

Inside Kidz Life Tent

11:40 AM 12:00NN – Lunch Date with my Best Friend

Even before, Whey has always been an early bird when it comes to our dates. She arrived 20 minutes early. We met up at Robinson’s Department Store while she is buying some item for her classmate. I asked her where she wants to eat because we are only inside a mall near my work. Then we ended up eating at Mang Inasal.

We updated one another while we are waiting for our orders. She told me that she will be graduating next year (March 2012) and she has a lot of commitments in school nowadays, thesis and on-the-job training. Aside from that, she is having a little problem with her long distance boy friend.

I am confident that she can handle those commitments and little problem because she’s been through with those when we are still in high school and college.

My Best Friend, Whey...

Lunch Date at Mang Inasal, Nepo Mall

 8:00AM – 5:00PM – Work

Since I came from the prayer works, I arrived 7:58AM in our office today. I saw Kuya Allan, Kuya Bob and Christian having breakfast in our pantry. Out of the blue I told them, “Hindi niyo ba ako babatiin?” They all answered me in chorus, “birthday mo?” Hahaha!

Kuya Arman, Kuya Alex and Kuya Daboy bought me a Cheese Burger Meal as a birthday gift while Kuya Rod bought me a Hershey’s milk chocolate. Sweet!

With Lou.. We've been together since Coop Bank days

6:00PM – 7:40PM – Intercession with the Catalyst

The original plan for this is the appointment with Pastor Jerry but we already had our appointment during the prayer works. So, I decided to join the intercession with the catalyst. Again, our Almighty Father filled us with His Holy Spirit.

With Ida, Tin and my prayer partner, Krisette! Lovelove!

8:00 PM – onward – Bonding with my Siblings

Well, this item is not included in my schedule/plan today but I thank God that He adds this to my plan. I almost forgot my family. Sorry. I love you all and thank you for the effort! I appreciate it. Super!

With my sisters... Glecy and Gladys..

Glecy, Matthew, Yours Truly, Ayelle and Gladys

More photos? Click here...

Let’s pray.

Dear Daddy God,

I super thank you for all the blessing, provision, favor, grace and everything you’ve done to me. Truly that you love to outdo yourself even in small things in my life. I’m so grateful for what you’ve done to the past 20+ years in my life and I’m looking forward for more of you (love, grace, favor, blessing, provision, all!). I love you, Dad! In Jesus’ powerful name. AMEN!


For God’s gifts and his call are irrevocable. – Romans 11:29, NIV

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