Sunday, March 04, 2012


Yesterday, our network leader (Ate Erika) told me that I was assigned to be the Love Offering Exhorter for the 3rd Celebration but I told her that I haven’t received any messages for the LO Schedules. Its 3:45PM when they told me and the celebration will start in 15 minutes. I told my leader that I cannot make it because I just woke up and not yet took a bath (again).

While I’m having my shower, I ask God on what message He wants me to exhort for the LO. He answered me about SUCCESS.

Behind every man’s success is a woman but every Christian’s success is JESUS. Our faith that God is able to do far and greater things in our lives will help us to be successful in every area of our life because we do not settle for less and we always expects something big from Him. That is why we always ask God to enlarge our capacity or our territory to receive not just financially but also in every areas of our life. I am sure that each one of us wants to be successful in every areas of our life.

After the shower, I texted my leader again that I cannot really really make it. Transportation in our place is a difficult thing. I have to wait for a tricycle to come. The tricycles in our place don’t have schedules or time to come. Praise God because Ma’am Norrie agrees to replace me.

When my leader (Jeng) and I meet up to go to Remsy’s place for her birthday celebration, I told her, “I haven’t received any text messages for the LO schedules and it’s been 5 months since I exhorted for the Love Offering.”

+ + + + +

Yesterday is Remsy’s birthday. Jeng instruct me to take Remsy to the 2nd tent after the Celebration. But before that, Ate Erika (our accomplice) gave us task to get the numbers of the catalyst in the connect team. After we’re done in getting the numbers of the catalysts in the connect, Jeng told me that she’s not done yet. So I need to buy more time for the preparation. I asked Remsy to go with me in the bathroom. I told her that I will be meeting a friend after the Celebration so that it will be look realistic. Then I texted Jeng if she’s ready and she answered, game!

I took Remsy by the hand and told her, “Help me to the 2nd tent. I have something to ask to Venus regarding Intercessory Ministry.” When we open the door, the teachers inside the tent began singing “Happy birthday to you”. She is astonished and shy. Her reason is, “Hindi ko kilala mga kumakanta”. Then Remsy invite us to go to their house for dinner.

*Note: Photos.. to follow.

Let’s pray.

Dear Daddy God,

We praise you, we glorify you and we honor you! We thank you for the success in every area of our lives and we thank you for the life of our sister, Remsy. We thank you for your blessing and provision in her life and her family. Continue to transform and empower her. In Jesus’ most holy name. Amen!


For God’s gifts and his call are irrevocable. – Romans 11:29, NIV

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