Wednesday, May 09, 2012

The God of Many Chances #Grace

Credits belong to Mr. Ron Macale. God bless you greatly, bro!

A churchmate of my mine recently sent the video of our praise and worship during the concert held last year in our church.
That song was “Your Grace is Enough”.
Yes this song testified how gracious our God is.

This song has been part of my life because it’s my “alarm and ringtone” back then (just like Ptr. Ru)

I did a profound introspection.

These past two weeks, I’ve been bombed and repeatedly being pointed.

Hooked. Shot. And caught by GRACE.

No matter what I am doing whether I sleep, I write or speak God is putting this word on my mind “GRACE”.

I opened my twitter account. There it is @princedarby tweeted about Grace.

I checked my phone. I saw my friend’s sms from “Grace”. Ain’t joking.

Redundant “grace” has kept my mind busy.
If God is really up to something with me, I bet He really was.

And will always be.

I can’t really elaborate the parable of the forgiving father here (the prodigal son) but I can summarize it with this word - GRACE.

This was our “Yeshua Gathering message” was all about last time.

I am describing grace with its Acrostics itself.


Given. Yes it is freely given to us no matter what. It’s God’s freebies. God’s unconditional gift unto us. Grab it. But please don’t abuse it.

Redeem. God’s grace redeemed us. He died instead of us. He’s redeemed us from our sin. That’s selfless redemption is grace in itself. We should appreciate it. Take care of it.

Abounding. The grace of God is not just enough but is more than enough because it is abounding. It’s lavishing. Running. Overflowing.

Chance. Yup. God is not a God of 2nd chances but merely a God of many chances. It may sound cliché’ but we can’t stand up and start anew without the grace of God. Our chances for a renewal and restoration is because of His grace.

Enduring. The Lord once said “his grace is sufficient for us”. No matter what, wherever we may be.

God’s grace will always be with us if we only believe and surrender everything to Him.
We endure every hard and rough steps in our lives because of His grace. From the time of creation and up until now, His mercies are always new every morning. Grace.

We are undeserving. But because it’s simply GIVEN unto us ,we are being REDEEMED when Jesus came ABOUNDING in love.

Giving us the grace of CHANCE to be with him ENDURING til Eternity.



For God’s gifts and his call are irrevocable. – Romans 11:29, NIV

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