Sunday, October 25, 2015


Title: Pray the Word
By: Pastor Anthony D. Martinez

When we go back to our identity in Christ we know that we are forgiven, saved, healed and favoured. Our identity in him is everything. To understand more about our identity we will talk about two powerful truths that will help us to reinforce our foundation in Christ.

1.   Jesus came to reveal the Father’s heart.
We live in a world of orphans. Orphans have uncertainties with their identity and these uncertainties lead to tireless seeking of approval and acceptance from people. Others think they will find life’s meaning in promotions. Hence, they end up struggling striving for more because of the after all, they are still unsatisfied.
When Jesus came, He showed what really matters. He came to reveal the Father’s Heart – the love that gives us assurance, satisfaction and confidence.

2.   Jesus came to release the Father’s blessing.
Blessings are not about materials things. It’s not about what we want but about what we need. The father’s blessings restore our identity, give purpose in our lives, assure us of our identity and connect us to His unlimited resources.

Pray the Word

Understanding our true identity leads to fulfilling our very purpose in life. Being God’s children, it is also logical to say that we are also heirs to God’s riches and we now have access to God’s unlimited resources.

But if we want to tap God’s unlimited resources, we ought to pray the word. There is power in declaration. When we declare God’s word, it accomplished its purpose and never returns void!

The next time you read your Bible, make each verse a prayer. Say it so you can hear it. Believe it. Be confident. Be intentional. This will give dynamics to your prayers. Wait as miracles unfold right before your very eyes.



For God’s gifts and his call are irrevocable. – Romans 11:29, NIV

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